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News item updated :- 22/9/16
Play-Cricket Scorecards
At this year's League Dinner on 14th October (have your Club ordered your tickets yet???) the League will present new trophies to the leading run scorer & leading wicket-taker in each Division. In order to determine the winners, we need the scorecards on play-cricket to be correct.
Please check that all your scorecards are up to date, don't forget that although your team was not responsible for inputting cards when playing Away, you can still input your batting & bowling details independent of the details of your opponents.

News item updated :- 30/4/16
Malpas CC & Wilmslow Wayfarers CC 3rd XI
Unfortunately, following extreme difficulties in trying to get out teams on 23rd April, Malpas CC have had to withdraw both their 1st and 2nd XI from the League, and Wilmslow Wayfarers have withdrawn their 3rd XI frim Division B East.
Malpas CC & Wilmslow Wayfarers CC both deeply regret that they have had to take this action.
As a consequence, the results of the matches on 23rd April of these 3 teams will be expunged from the League Tables, although Woodford 1st XI performances in their match will still count towards their Averages. (I'll need to have a poke around in play-cricket to see how to achieve that!)

News item updated :- 24/4/16
Play-Cricket results, etc
First (proper) week in the can, but not without a few teething problems. Clubs are reminded that 1st XI Scores & Results *must* be input to the Play-Cricket system by 10pm, otherwise Fines will be applied! This week we had 10 out of 18 on by Midnight (less than that at 10pm), so clubs need to sharpen up a bit once they are familiar with the system.
There were also a few problems with deciphering the new Pts system and claiming the correct points on play-cricket. Admittedly, Clubs were not helped by a misprint in the new Handbook on p69, which showed Maximum batting pts at 160. Of course, this should say 180 (the rain-delay immediately below the offending line is correct).
There were also a couple of instances where Bonus Points had not been claimed at all and Clubs are reminded that when using Eletronic scoring & Scoresheet submission, the Result & Result Points will be correct automatically, but Bonus Points must be claimed manually - this is exactly as in previous years and as per the County League.
We also had a disappointing response on the Text Line (NB Text Only, don't ring - I might still be out on the Pitch!) from non-1st XI Skippers, this txt line allows us to get up-to-date Tables earlier than if we have to wait for play-cricket or posted scoresheets. The number to use is 07867 825022.

News item updated :- 20/4/16
New season
Welcome to the 2016 season! With most grounds a soggy mess, the Exec took the decision to postpone the (Division B) Fixtures scheduled for 16th April, provisionally adding an extra Saturday on 24th September - to be confirmed.
This season there are some changes to Clubs' admin procedures and Clubs need to ensure they get these right to avoid fines. In particular, it is now mandatory to input full Scoresheets (including names of Catchers/wicket-keeper data) onto the Play-Cricket system within timescales laid down in the Handbook. At the AGM, Clubs voted to adopt the same Match points-scoring system as the Cheshire County League and there are a few surprises in there that could catch out the unwary. To assist those who do not know how to achieve this, we have drawn up a Noddy Guide. Click here to the online copy of this Guide and also the online mini-guide to the Points System which is here.
As always, any queries please contact Graham Beckett via email
or me
Once again, Teams are required to submit paper Scoresheets to Graham Beckett & 1st XIs must phone their Results to him on Saturday evenings. We also offer a Txt service for 2nd XIs (actually 'non-1st XIs'!) for Skippers to txt their Results to allow us to get up-to-date Tables earlier. The number to use is 07867 825022.
Finally, I have now manged to complete updating of all Clubs' pages on this Site with 2016 contact details, maps & Directions to grounds. If Clubs spot any errors or have changes to the data in the Handbook, please let us know so we can update the Web Pages & inform Clubs via the Newsletter.
Have a good Season!

News item updated :- 20/4/16
Overseas Players
Clubs are reminded of the strict legal Visa requirements and restrictions on foreign nationals imposed by the UK Borders Agency.
The Rules have been changed once again, quite a radical change actually & we will update our table of eligibility once we are more sure of what the changes mean!
Clubs (and their Officers personally) are legally responsible to ensure that the law is obeyed and prosecutions could result if not!

News item updated :- 5/3/16
New Site!
Welcome to the new Cheshire Cricket League site,
Our old site will re-direct here for the time being, please update your Bookmarks!

Our new Sponsors are UKFast, one of the UK's leading managed hosting and colocation providers, supplying dedicated server hosting, critical application hosting, and cloud hosting solutions.
Click on any of our Sponsor's logos to visit their Web Site and check out the services they can provide

As yet, not all pages are online, so bear with us while we generate these. In particular, we are in the midst of updating our 'Club' pages with the 2016 contact details, including new Pages for those teams joining us this year.
Also, (nearly!) all Divisional Fixtures are online, but the T20 draws are not at the moment. The missing data is available via our Click play-cricket site.
Later this year, we hope to have a shiny, re-designed Site available with extra facilites, we'll let you know!

News item updated :- 28/4/12
Umpires Contact Details
Clubs are reminded that Umpires Contact details are listed in the League Handbook. Any changes are posted in the League Newsletter and will also appear on this site under Handbook changes.

News item updated :- 23/8/09
Suspensions News
News of Disciplinary findings now on this site, follow Admin->Suspensions link or click here.

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League Officials 2016

Dave Lawson

Vice Presidents:
York Walker, Ken Verney, Andrew McDougall, Derek Speed,
Bob Cunningham, Peter Birtles, Peter Chapman, David Potts,
Robbie Gibson, Simon Watt-Smith, Peter Hancock, Peter Davies,
John Brocklebank & Stuart Anderson.

Graham Coull.
Tel: 01606 47408
Tel: 07867 825022

Deputy Chairman:
Bob Hutton.
Tel: 0161 485 1319

Brian Birtles.
Tel: 07766 114447

John Bone.
Tel: 01606 782076
Tel: 07539 418093

League Fixtures and Results Secretary
Graham Beckett.
Tel: 01606 47518
Fax: 01606 40442

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Associate Officials 2016

Assistant Secretary


Graham Coull.
Tel: 01606 47408
Tel: 07867 825022

Executive Committee Member: Division One :-
Bill Livesley (Prestbury CC)
Tel: 07774 717654

Executive Committee Member: Division Two :-
Richard White (Woodford CC)
Tel: 0161 439 2881

Executive Committee Member: Division Three :-
Glen Nightingale (Over Peover CC)
Tel: 01625 861841

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Sub-Committees 2015

Ground Inspection Committee:
Ian Brooke (Pott Shrigley), Chairman,
Tel: 01625 501945
Tel: 07957 864272
Mike Boffey (Cholmondeley),
Patrick Hutchinson (Oakmere),
Graham Coull,
Richard White (Woodford),
Brian Rawlinson (Runcorn),
Steve Johnson (Chester CO).

League Dinner Committee:
Bob Hutton, Chairman, Graham Coull,
Graham Beckett, Ian Bishop, John Bone.

League Disciplinary and Appeals Committee:
Graham Coull, Chairman,
Chris Moore, Deputy Chairman
Mark Nicholas,
Richard White (Woodford),
Derek Wright (Aston),
Nigel Troup
Mike Boffey (Cholmondeley)
Chris Rigg,
Jeff Langham (Barnton)
Graham Beckett,
Brian Birtles,
Mike Cushion (Oakmere),
Phil Noble (Barrow)

League Sponsorship Committee
Graham Coull, Chairman,
John Bone, Graham Beckett,
and Brian Birtles.

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